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What is about an Eve Mattress that is so appealing?  Eve was one of the first of the ‘sleep disruptors’, launched to the market in 2015.  Why were Eve different?  Previously, going shopping for a mattress meant a showroom full of options.  Pushy sales people who rarely understood the product would let you have a bounce and if you were happy, they would say this was the item they were going to refer to you.  The art and science of sleep was not really of importance, more important was the sale.

Eve changed all that by saying here is one mattress that is suitable for everyone.  Try it, and if you really don’t like it, then we will take it back, a concept not really heard of by traditional high street bedding shops.  The 100 night trial concept has pretty much transformed how mattresses are sold in the UK and indeed around the world, and for that we have a lot to thank Eve for.

Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the mattress manufacturing process, from the cushioned top cover to the non slip base and all the parts in-between, this has not been made overnight with some springs and gaffer tape.  The memory foam gives your body support where it needs and moves with you as we naturally do during the sleep process.

In the first year of launch, they sold over 10,000 mattresses and continue to sell thousands to this.  Make 2019 your year of amazing sleep with an Eve Mattress today.

There plenty of good alternatives to the Eve Mattress, take a look at the Otty Mattress for a good value alternative

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