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When you buy a Marks and Spencer Mattress, you at least know you are getting a quality item with all the service that comes from such a well known, British brand.  Prices start at £249 for a kids mattress, moving up into four figures for some of the more luxury models.

In terms of feel, the mattresses come in kids, medium, firm and extra firm.  When we went to test them, we felt firm was the best choice to make, offering a bit of bounce but not so much that you would sink into it.

There are differences when buying a M&S mattress as opposed to one from Eve or Simba, and that is the 100 night trial offer does not tend to apply.  Having said that, their customer service tends to be impeccable, so if you are not happy with your mattress, we are confident they will act in the right way.  They do have a £50 collection fee in the event of a return which is worth noting.

One great feature is that you do not need to flip all of their mattress, for example, the comfort 1500 has air vents which you simply need to turn, so no worries about knocking the vase off the bedroom table.

If you are looking for a substantial mattress for your bedroom, then these mattresses are a great option.  Delivery is usually within a week and their drivers will install the mattress for you and take away any packaging.

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