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The Otty mattress has five steps to make it stand out in the crowded mattress market. 

Step one, the cool blue gel pin core which helps regulate the body temperature.  A few degrees can make a massive difference to the quality of your sleep, especially later on in the sleep cycle when your body temperature will drop.

Number two, with 3cm thickness, the luxurious foam will adjust to your body posture, ensuring a comfortable nights sleep with support for your body the whole night through.

On to three, 2000 pocket springs ensure minimal movement disturbance when you share the bed with your partner.  One of the biggest complaints around sleep is the constant movement of the person you are sharing the bed with.  Pocket springs absorb the movement and the tossing and turning so the whole bed does not move each time.

For four, high density foam of 4cm creates a sturdy base, preventing the sagging that you see over time with poor quality mattresses.

Finally, the airflow system allows air to flow through the mattress, so it does not overheat, ensuring a cool nights sleep.