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The Simba story is a fascinating one.  In 1979, the company provided the thread to a mattress factory.  They have provided so much thread it has appeared in over 50 million mattresses around the world, quite some feat.  By 2002 however, they got bored of looking at thread and decided they would like to make the mattresses themselves, which makes sense to us.

They sold over a million of their mattresses, but they wanted more.  So they got a few experts in a room and started to think of the science of sleep.  It started with foam, then springs and finally their own synthetic latex was added to mix to make what they think is the perfect mattress.   Having worked closely with the boffins at the Sleep to Live Institute, we reckon they may well have come up with something good.  They profiled 10 million people and utilised over 180 million data points to come up with their mattress offering of today.

Simba is a British company that manufactures in the UK, so by buying Simba, you are also helping to support British Business, which can only be a good thing.

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